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First Strike - Halo Content Creator

First Strike Cosplay, Player Profile:


Location: UNSC Frigate: Come and Get It

Catch Phrase: Strike Hard, Strike Fast, Strike First

[Start File]: You can call me Strike, I’m a Cosplayer who recently came to the E-sports scene; joining Lag Spike in a Creator Capacity I love streaming and am in the process of working on upgrading my setups so I can record for our lovely team and produce more fun and high-quality content. I got started in the Halo franchise with Halo 3 (Ahhh that menu music) and slowly got taken with EVERYTHING Halo. Catch me with the Main Esports team tackling enemy Spartans and divvying out fun lore facts along the way. If you are interested in my cosplay check out first_strike_cosplay on Instagram, and @firstostrike on Twitter. Hope to see you out there Spartans….First Strike…signing out.


Fen Acinni - Halo Content Creator & Lag Spike Community Manager

Fen Acinni is the Community Manager for Lag Spike Game Org. Hailing from Carmageddon, Persona 2 and Halo: CE (PC) days back in the late 90’s and 2000’s, he’s been an avid fan of shooters, RPGs, and racing games ever since. Outside of his work with Lag Spike, he produces a Lancer Table-Top Role Playing Game (TTRPG) podcast called Response Team Omnicron, and streams on his twitch that shares the same name as himself. Outside of the online space, he works for Free League as a GM and writes for Smunchy Games.